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Piglet il cane rosa dopo essere stato salvato aiuta il prossimo

Piglet è il piccolo cucciolo sordo e cieco di un colorito tendente al rosa. Il piccolo è stato salvato in Georgia insieme a sua madre e ai suoi  3 fratellini. Il piccolo batuffolo è un incrocio tra un chihuahua bassotto.

Piglet il cucciolo sordo e cieco di colore Rosa

Il colore abbastanza insolito è dovuto alla genetica questa “mutazione” ha come conseguenza probabili gravi problematiche come difetti dell’orecchio e a gli occhi congeniti che possono causare cuccioli parzialmente o completamente sordi / ciechi. Proprio come Piglet.

Quando un cane bassotto dapple (a macchie) viene incrociato con un’ altro, si ottiene un cane noto come double dapple. Mentre il cane risultante è una bellissima creatura, il processo di allevamento della doppia dapple ha un lato molto  brutto. I difetti alla nascita possono essere deturpanti, debilitanti e, in alcuni casi, letali. La qualità della vita di molti cani allevati può essere particolarmente bassa.

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He was pink. He was a puppy; a tiny baby dog. He looked just like an adorable baby pig. His name was Baby Bart, but when he arrived in CT two years ago he had a quick change in identity. The name Bart didn’t make the grade and the tiny deaf blind pink puppy became Piglet. Coincidentally our Piglet also looked like Winnie the Pooh’s best friend Piglet. And also coincidentally, today happens to be National Pig Day. So, from Piglet, the deaf blind pink puppy, a dog that at times looks more like a pig, Happy National Pig Day to the most oinkiest, smartest, coolest animal friends around. . . . #pinkpigletpuppy #nationalpigday #happynationalpigday #welovepigs #pinkpiglet #friendsnotfood #pig #piglet #farmsanctuary @humanesociety @farmsanctuary @woodstocksanctuary @edgarsmission #animaladvocate #thedodo #tinybutmighty #pigletstrong #cutenessoverload

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Al suo ritrovamento Piglet era un piccolo cucciolo che soffriva di crisi di abbandono e che pesava all’incirca 1kg e mezzo completamente sordo e cieco, era stato abbandonato dalla mamma probabilmente a causa delle sue malformazioni.

Cosi il cane color maialino è stato salvato da una situazione traumatica da Melissa una veterinaria  che ha deciso di offrire uno stallo per lui finché non avesse trovato una famiglia che si sarebbe occupata di Piglet.

Dopo circa due mesi Melissa non aveva più nessuna voglia di separarsi da Piglet nonostante avesse in casa già diversi altri cani.

Fortunatamente il piccolo Piglet ha continuato a crescere e ad adattarsi tutti i tipi di nuove sfide: Ha fatto viaggi nel Maine, nel New Hampshire, a New Orelans, a Los Angeles, e alla Princeton University, dove durante le sue passeggiate  quotidiane ha incontra molti studenti universitari amanti dei cani.

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Baby Piglet T-shirt Fundraiser ends tonight at midnight!! This is one of my all time favorite Baby Piglet photos. It’s not even in perfect focus but it perfectly depicts all our tiny pink man was about when he was a baby. I’ve been planning to use this precious picture of Piglet for this year’s Piglet 2nd birthday and adoption anniversary (coming up this weekend). It took a very long time to get the design just right first for stickers and magnets, and now for our very special Baby Piglet T-shirt Fundraiser. I preordered shirts so I could confidently recommend them to all of Piglet’s friends. The shirts have more than met my hopes and expectations. If you love Piggy Little, you’ll be really happy to wear one of our Baby Piglet t-shirts or sweatshirts. The shirts come in two different font color designs and many different styles. Click on the Bonfire link in Piglet’s bio to order your very own Baby Piglet shirt! The sale ends tonight at midnight!! So order now!!!! BTW, at this moment we have sold 219 shirts and raised $2430 which will be donated to special needs dog rescues!! Thanks to everyone for supporting Piglet’s mission. . . #pinkpigletpuppy #fundraiser #animaladvocate #pigletmindset #pigletsmission #babypigletfundraiser #specialneeds #specialneedsdogrescue @pawsaversrescue @t_perfectimperfections #inspiringdog @bonfire #rescuedog #tdafamily #puppiesofinstagram #weratedogs #dogsdoingthings #cutenessoverload #blinddog #deafdog

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A ottobre, è stato ospite di una raccolta fondi di Halloween per una nuova società di Fairfield, che impiegava giovani adulti disabili per la preparazione e la vendita di dolci per cani.

Piglet in compagnia di una delle sue sorelle adottive e stato vestito da zucca e ha partecipato alla parata di Halloween. Il cane ha anche festeggiato il suo primo compleanno nel negozio Woofgang.

Grazie alla sua storia Piglet ha aperto il cuore di molte persone raccogliendo migliaia di dollari per aiutare cani con esigenze speciali  proprio come lui, con raccolte di fondi, e grazie alla vendita di vari oggetti  come : portafogli, adesivi, magneti per auto, torce, cinturini per orologi , borse, zaini, guinzagli per cani e magliette.

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Piglet wears many hats- figuratively. Piglet is a very cute little lap dog. Piglet is an animal advocate. Piglet is an inspiring role model for children because he faces challenges with a positive attitude and mindset. Piglet is also a talented fundraiser. He has raised almost $20,000 which has been donated to special needs dog rescues and a few other related nonprofit organizations. Our current Baby Piglet t-shirt and sweatshirt fundraiser honoring Piglet’s 2nd Birthday and 2 year adoption anniversary, will end tomorrow night. So far we have sold 188 shirts with about $2091 in profit. Our goal is now 230 shirts. There are 24 hours left to order these really cute Baby Piglet t-shirts and sweatshirts. They come in two different font color designs with a wide assortment of colors and styles. We hope everyone who wants to support our efforts gets onto the Bonfire site and orders before tomorrow. Once the sale is over, we won’t run another for quite a while. The link to the sale is in Piggy’s bio and on his Instagram story. Thanks to all who have ordered this round and in the past. We can’t wait to send the profits to our well deserving special needs dog rescue friends! . . . #pinkpigletpuppy #tdafamily #bark #doubledapple #inspiringdog #adoptaspecialneedsdog #rescuedogs #rescuedogsrock @weratedogs #dogsofbark #wagmorebarkless @bonfire #fundraiser #growthmindsetclassroom #growthmindset #tshirt #tshirtdesign #babypigletfundraiser #rescueismyfavoritebreed #whywerescue #dogsdoingthings

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La merce di Piglet è stata spedita in molti paesi in tutto il mondo tra cui Sudafrica, Inghilterra, Irlanda, Italia, Spagna, Grecia, Israele, Thailandia, Australia, Canada e ovviamente in ogni parte degli stati degli Stati Uniti.

La missione a cui è destinato Piglet e quella di incoraggiare la sterilizzazione degli animali informare il mondo sulle conseguenze degli allevamenti , ispirare altre persone ad adottare i cani con disabilità oltre che raccogliere fondi ed essere amato per tutto quello che fa.

Piglet ha un account Instagram dove è seguito da più 126 mila follower dove ogni giorno vengono mostrati i suoi progressi.

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Last night I left the tiny boy home with the rest of the dogs. Warren and I went to a piano violin concert given by our good friends Andy and Darwin. Andy’s 2 year old son and wife were there long enough for us to witness the most adorable little boy enjoying listening to his dad playing the piano. During the concert I was thinking about Piglet- of course. Over two years ago Piglet was our foster puppy. We were very serious about finding him a forever home. Piglet was listed on Petfinder. I posted pictures and videos of him on my own Facebook page. We were very clear about certain requirements and limits for applicants. Topping the list was that his new home would have other small dogs for him to play with, and no small children. The point of this story is that after the concert we stayed to chat with our musician friends. The first thing Andy said to me was that he wanted to thank me. I immediately said, “For not giving you Piglet?” And he said “Yes. That would have been a mistake.” He went on to say something to the tune of wanting to adopt Piglet was driven by unrealistic emotions. Recently I wrote an article called How Will You Choose Your Next Pup? https://petinsider.com/how-will-you-choose-your-next-pup/ The point of the article is that choosing a new dog must be based on that dog being the right match for your family. There are so many dogs with so many different personalities, preferences, activity levels, and needs. Hair coat, size, breed type, and age are also important considerations in finding the right match. We are happy Piglet stayed with us. There absolutely are others who could have adopted him and given him an amazing life. But realistically, he was not a beginner dog and he was not a dog for a family with babies. He was and is not a dog that wants to be carried around in a pouch as some imagined. Piglet is an active feisty dachshund chihuahua mix with a strong will and determination to be a dog. He has no idea he is so small and he certainly doesn’t let his disabilities stand in his way. I’m happy that my friend Andy came to realize that the dogs he has are a good match for his family and Piglet was not. Have a great Sunday!!

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